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Mid-Currituck Bridge is more in doubt now than it has ever been.  

Arthur Storm Pics
Sound front flooding in Avon, NC
Sound side flooding in Rodanthe/Avon/Salvo  
Downtown Manteo

Vehicle Fire

Jeep catches fire on beach

A sport utility vehicle traveling on the Currituck Outer Banks beach caught fire Wednesday, June 25th.

The occupants escaped without injury.

Overheating of the exhaust system, transmission and engine is common in vehicles trying to drive through the deep soft sand at high tide.

Barbed Wire Fence

DON'T let this happen to the Corolla Wild Horses

Wild horse advocates to Petiton U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a Federal agency within the Department of the Interior, to remove newly installed barbed wire fence in Corolla, NC.

Strings of Barbed Wire installed in Corolla Wild Horse Area

Armored trucks for Carova Beach

mine-resistant, ambush-protected vehicle (MRAP)
Currituck County acquires 36,000 pound armored truck and eight military Humvees for the unpaved roads of the northern Outer Banks.

Estates at Carova Beach

Carova Corp., Ocean Sands Co. requested an amended preliminary plat/SUP approval for replatting 19 existing parcels in sections of Carova Beach into 28 proposed lots. BOC Minutes

The Currituck National Wildlife Refuge plans to install over 15,000 feet of barbed wire fence, running from dunes to sound, in an effort to keep wild horses from grazing in the wildlife refuge. story...

Carova Cottage Fire Early morning fire near milepost 22 in Carova claims two cottages. A witness said the fire started at 2197 Sandfiddler Drive, then spread next door to 2195 Sandfiddler Drive, and both homes were destroyed.

Firefighters saved a 3rd house.

(Photo courtesy of OregonInletIdiots on

New Currituck County Ordinance Restricts Horse Tours

The ordinance will:
- Cap the number of tour operators at the 10 already in business.
- Require each operator to buy a license renewed annually at a cost of $950 per vehicle.
- Limit tour operators to five vehicles. Those who own fewer than five cannot expand.
- Outlaw the use of buses for tours.
- Limit tour hours to between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. west of the dunes.

Chip Freidman sues Currituck County Developer Charles "Chip" Friedman sues Currituck County to reverse the county's recent denial of plans for a 290-unit inn and nearby offices and stores on 37 acres in the off-road community.

In May, Currituck's Board of Commissioners voted for the third time to deny Friedman's rezoning request. The decision upheld a 30-year-old county policy to restrict commercial development on Currituck's northernmost beaches.
Currituck seeks to dismiss Swan Beach suit

Ocean Pearl Ocean Pearl takes shape as graders level roads and fill pot holes.

signs More Signs for the Beach? Commissioners dodge real concerns on the beach for yet another year.
Currituck County Commissioner Vance Aydlett, supports a permit system. "We've got to do something," he said. "We've talked and talked about it." story

Wild Horse Herd On Corolla Could Double After Bill Approval
A recently passed bill in the House of Representatives could soon double the size of the herd of wild horses on Corolla.
Republican Reprsentative Walter Jones says his bill, "The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act," has unanimously passed through the House of Representatives.

According to the congressman's website, the bill calls for a new management plan that would allow the number in the herd to be between 110 and 130 horses. The current number allowed is 60.

According to Jones, equine genetic scientists say there should be at least 110 horses in the herd to keep it going. The bill now moves onto the Senate for approval.
ducks-vs-horses-supporters-spar-over-which-one-to-protect - Nov 8, 2012

Electronics Recycling
Currituck County has expanded its electronics recycling service area to include the Currituck Outer Banks. Computers, monitors, flat screens, cellphones, PDA's, fax machines and more can now be taken to the Corolla Library, located at 1123 Ocean Trail. If residents in Corolla have a very large item (ex: large television wall console unit), please contact the Public Works Department at 252-232-2504 to make special arrangements for proper disposal.

Traffic issues in the 4WD area.
Some Commissions now agree with the residents that the only way to make the 4WD area safe and enjoyable again is to limit the traffic. Residents ask commissioners to review a new simple beach permit.
Oct 9 Hamptonroads

 The 4x4 area faired well. A few shingles, some siding and minor flooding. Beach looks good. Duck got slammed.
NC12 ripped apart.
Pics of Rodanthe
Hatteras Island cut off from mainland in 5 places

Ernesto covers paved roads with 4 feet of water. Pictures

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