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horse in tears
Citizens want to "Stop The Paved Road"!

A new Petition to "Block commercial development in the 4x4 beach of Corolla, North Carolina" and save the wild horses is now on-line.

Please consider an email to the Currituck County Commissioners to voice your opinion on commercial development in the 4x4 area before the next Meeting.

Developer Claims Religious Discrimination...
Currituck County Commissioners mull deal. Currituck's effort to block business growth on the remote northern Outer Banks is facing another legal battle that has some county officials rethinking their current strategy.

Board of Commissioners Chairman Paul O'Neal said last week the county would be better off settling its differences with a developer suing to develop business lots on Carova Beach.

Developer contends visitors want shops nearby. Really! Please read their comments here and more comments here...

CURRITUCK COUNTY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY BOARD suggest lobbying NCDOT and US Government for a paved road to the Virginia State line.

The North Swan Beach Property Owners Association addresses deteriorating roads. Funding is being provided by POA dues and donations. To make a donation, please visit their web site.

Mid-Currituck Bridge is more in doubt now than it has ever been.  

Arthur Storm Pics
Sound front flooding in Avon, NC
Sound side flooding in Rodanthe/Avon/Salvo  
Downtown Manteo

Vehicle Fire

Jeep catches fire on beach

A sport utility vehicle traveling on the Currituck Outer Banks beach caught fire Wednesday, June 25th.

The occupants escaped without injury.

Overheating of the exhaust system, transmission and engine is common in vehicles trying to drive through the deep soft sand at high tide.

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